Zombies has been all the rage for the past few years, and It’s going to be hard to stop its fame (or infamy) as almost everyone has been taking in a lot of different shows, movies, magazines, and even games that are just filled with zombies and having fun with them. One of the games that jumped wagon is Zombidle, which is filled with zombies and fun! Take your zombie crew and destroy each village you go through and recruit even more zombies to make quick work of everything that the humans built!


Zombidle is an idle clicker game that features zombies as your main crew. As idle clickers go, you start off with just one character to use that does not auto attack, you will need to click to destroy your targets. The game’s goal is to destroy all of the houses to end a village, then move on to the next village and do it all again. Each house destroyed will drop skulls, which is your main currency in the game. The skulls can be used to either level up your clicker character, or buy more zombies to attack automatically. Those zombies can also be leveled up to increase their damage, making destroying the houses even faster! All of the zombies (including you) will also have skills at certain levels that you can buy using skulls, too. Skills range from increase in damage to increase in skull values and a lot of other things that will help you become even stronger. In terms of controls, there isn’t too much to worry about as this is just an idle clicker, and all you will ever need is your mouse and the left click button. Each click will attack a house once, so keep clicking until you destroy everything in your path. Keep hiring and leveling up your zombies so you can take a breather from clicking and just let them rampage through the villages until they need your help again to add more damage. Graphics-wise, this game is as simple as it can get. The characters are small and you can really notice that the main focus for the graphics side of the game is the houses as the houses look really good.

Zombidle is such a great game and a good way to pass the time. A lot of idle clickers just focus on the mechanic of the game and just shoehorn graphics in, which is not the case with Zombidle. It is a refreshing idle clicker with a high difficulty curve. If you’re looking for a fun little idle clicker with good looking graphics and a bit of a hard game, then Zombidle would be a good start.

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