Zelda the Flash Game

If you’ve ever played any of the games of the whole Zelda series, then just seeing the name Zelda added to a game will already make you think that this is going to be one good game, and somehow, it actually is, even just being a flash game, which would be nothing compared to its brothers.
Zelda the Flash Game puts you into the shoes of Hyrule Kingdom’s green warrior, Link. He is once again tasked of saving the Kingdom (and potentially, the world) from another evil that plans to take over the world. With you are your trusty weapons like your sword, bombs, and your bow and arrow, to help you conquer that evil and bring it to its knees. You can control Link by using the arrow keys to move around, and by pressing a variety of buttons to use your weapons (you will learn these as you go along), like pressing space to swing your sword. The look and feel of this game is like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and it plays extremely well.
Will Link save Hyrule once again or will evil finally prevail? Take control of Link and find your destiny in Zelda the Flash Game!

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