“A game that’s all about a single color? That’s outrageous! This game is probably for kids.” – if that’s the first thought you had when you saw Yellow, then you would have thought of the same statement as us. But, everything changes the moment you play this game. This is a very challenging game and creates a very smart game with just one concept, the collor yellow.

Yellow is a puzzle game that is played with only one goal in mind, to fill the screen with the color yellow. This game tests not only wit but also your patience in each of its levels as you think of ways to hit the goal. You’ll do this in a lot of different was for each level, but the game’s controls is so simple that all you’ll ever need is your left mouse button. When you start the game, you’ll be greeted with a black screen with a little yellow circle. You’ll need to find out how you’ll get that yellow stuff all over the screen (hint: click it and find out). If you’re on a level for more than 5 seconds, you’ll see a little light bulb pop up on the lower right side of your screen. Clicking it will give you a hint to find out what you need to do in a level. You can have 3 hints for each level, but there’s something satisfying about not using the hints to finish a level, which is why getting a hint is a choice and isn’t forced on you. That’s a nice little touch.

Yellow is the type of game where you find enjoyment in finding out how you move on to the next level by simply answering one question, how am I supposed to use what’s currently on the screen to fill the screen with just one color? The challenge in this game doesn’t let up and as you go further and further into the game, you get harder and harder puzzles, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking this game up as it’s one of the best puzzle games around!

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