Wolverine is one of the most badass characters that have ever been made, so it’s really a no brainer to make a game that’s all about him slashing his way through a couple hundred people with his claws. Hack and slash your way through Japan in Wolverine Tokyo Fury.

Wolverine Tokyo Fury has three different modes for you to play, each giving the player a different experience and different goals. The first mode is the main Story Mode, which will put you in the story of the Wolverine movie where Mariko is kidnapped, and Wolverine mows through hundreds of ninjas to save her. The next mode is endless mode, which puts your platforming and endless running skills to the test. Wolverine is sent out to slash through ninjas endlessly until he dies. Play and try to beat your high score. Survival mode will put you in a small closed arena like platforming area that will endlessly spawn ninjas for you to fight. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be.

The game may look a bit complicated, but really, it’s pretty simple in terms of controls. Wolverine can be controlled using the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Pressing up on the arrow keys will make Wolverine guard attacks, leaving any enemy that attacks vulnerable as they recover while Wolverine takes no damage. The A button on the keyboard will make Wolverine attack with his claws, and the S button makes him jump. The controls work on all modes, but the gameplay will change drastically each mode, so using a different gamestyle each mode is imperative.

Wolverine Tokyo Fury is a pretty good action platformer, with good visuals and good music accompanied by great gameplay, it’s easy to put in hours of play in this game without even noticing it.

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