Wise Turn

Puzzle games have been dwindling over the past few months and Wise Turn is like a rain in the dry summer. It is going to be hard to find a puzzle game like Wise Turn that’ll twist your brain to the limits with only such a simple goal. Playing this game took me a couple of hours just to get to level 20, so I can really tell the puzzle game lovers will have a lot of fun with this.

Wise Turn

Wise Turn is a puzzle game with a very simple goal, twist all of the knobs to make them all point upwards. It’s a simple goal, but that does not mean that it’s as easy to do as it sounds. The game is easy in terms of controls as all you will ever need is your mouse. You use the cursor to hover over a knob that you want to twist, and use your left mouse button to twist it. You will be playing over a 4 by 4 grid denoted by 16 dots. Some of the dots will have a knob that needs to be twisted to point upwards to finish a stage. Now comes the hard part, whenever you hover you mouse over a knob, a white box that will either be horizontal or vertical will appear. This box is there to remind you that if you click on a knob, all of the knobs that are within that box will also be twisted. That’s what the hard part of the game is. Now, you can change the orientation of the box by going to the lower part of the grid, this will turn the box’s orientation into vertical, and going to the sides of the grid will turn it into a horizontal box. That is all the rules to the game. Good luck in finishing everything!

Wise Turn can become a haven for puzzle game lovers, and a hellish nightmare for those that are looking for a casual game to play. This game can take hours to finish, which is why I found it fun. If you’d like a good challenge to give your brain a little exercise, Wise Turn is something you should really play.

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