If you’ve been around the browser gaming hype for the past 6 to 12 months, then you would probably be familiar with the famous “io” games that has been spreading around. Wilds.io is one of the latest io games around and is one of the most played right now because of its fully different gameplay elements and mechanics along with updated graphics (which is really cool, by the way).
Wilds.io is one of the multiplayer io games that brings in a lot of new stuff to the table (of the io games, at least). Wilds.io is an action filled online multiplayer game that turns your browser into a whole bloody (literally) mess. You play as a random swordsman and start off as a little guy trying to survive out there in the wastelands. There’ll be a lot of other swordsmen trying to make it out alive too, but there are also larger swordsmen, ready to take your head with a swing of their sword. Your main goal is to be the number one swordsman in the area (server) by becoming the largest swordsman. The game mechanics are almost the same as the regular io games where size is everything. You start off a small swordsman, and killing other swordsmen or the AI minions will gradually make you larger. Minions and swordsmen will always be running around the map, trying to find something to kill, so make sure that it’s you who kill them before they kill you. You move your character by pressing either W, A, S, and D, or the arrow keys. You then slash your sword by using your left mouse button. The mouse cursor will be the sword’s guide, as wherever the cursor is, your character will face and slash at that direction. Every kill will make you stronger, and the stronger you are, the harder it’ll be for people to take you down, but it’ll be too easy to kill everyone else that’s smaller than you. There will also be items that will spawn in certain areas of the map to help out the people that pick the items up. The items can be either throw-able weapons or healing items, so take advantage of these items whenever you can. When you die, you lose all of the items and the score you have gained from that game, and you start over from scratch, back to the little swordsman you once were.

This game is really addicting and can be a complete time waster. I’ve spent hours trying to become number one on the server I was playing at, and along the way, you become friends with the people as there is also a chat feature where you can talk to the people playing in the server, and that feature along makes the game a bit better than the other io games, as you have players interact with each other. If you are looking for an io game filled with action and killing, then Wilds.io would be the game you are looking for.

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