Wake up the Box

There’s a lot of different ways to wake up people, but how many ways are there to wake up a sleeping box? You are about to find out that there are just as much ways to wake up a box as there are to wake up people! Wake up the Box puts you in more than 30 levels of puzzles that will put your waking skills to the test. Use all of your wit to wake up the sleeping box with just the materials given to you. Can you wake him up or just keep him snoring until the sun comes up?

Wake up the box

Wake up the Box is a puzzle game with a simple goal, wake up the sleeping box within each level. You will be given a set amount of sticks and boards or balls that you can set up as a mechanism to wake up the box. You can make a pendulum that will swing into the box to wake it up, or make a see-saw like mechanism that will send the box flying and wake it up. There’s a lot of different possibilities to wake it up, but only a few will work, so make sure to think about what you need to do before setting it up, like, will this thing wake ME up? A meter at the top right of the screen will indicate whether the box will wake up or not. Everytime something touches the box, the meter goes up. Fill this meter up and the box wakes up and you clear the level. Use this meter as a gauge to know how much the box was nudged so you’ll know how much force you’ll need to put in on your next try if you fail to wake it up.

Wake up the Box is one of the weirdest yet greatest puzzle games around for browsers. If you want to play a game that puts your wits to the test, then don’t hesitate on choosing Wake up the Box. It’s a simple game with a simple mechanic, but at the same time, it’s a fun and smart puzzle game.

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