Vex 3

Vex 3 is a platforming game with a little bit of puzzle orientation mixed in to it. This game will test your hand-eye coordination and put it to the limits, along with a bit of your problem solving skills. This game was made for both the casual gamers and for the hardcore gamers that love a challenge, and when I say challenge, I mean hair pulling, mind numbing challenges that will make you want to throw a fit on your keyboard, but that’s not to say that it’s bad, since these kinds of challenges are the most rewarding to beat!

This time, Vex 3 starts on a type of overworld with obstacles for you to go through, but the game doesn’t really revolve around here. There are red blocks placed all over the place that contains Acts, which is the main part of the game and is where all of the challenges begin. In these acts, you are teleported to a room with obstacles that you need to overcome, like a buzzsaw spinning on the ground you need to jump over, or an endless pit, or spikes you need to avoid. You will be guided by a few arrows to tell you where you need to go, ultimately leading you to the goal, which is a portal that will take you out of that room. Going through the course is hard enough, but putting in a time factor makes it even harder. For people that just want to go through levels, ignoring the timer is an option since you aren’t really penalized for finishing it in poor time; it just doesn’t give you awards and stuff. For the veterans, this is a challenge. Each course has a time that you need to beat to get bronze, silver, gold, or perfect (with perfect being the time to beat for gold, except you didn’t die in any of the obstacles). Once you beat an Act with a gold or perfect award, you are given the option to play that Act in Hell Mode, which is basically a revamped course with much harder obstacles. I personally had a hard time finishing most of the Hell Mode courses as they were made very hard, and some of them had me stumped on what to do, but the difficulty was where the fun lies, so it was all in good fun.

Vex 3 is a great platformer and a great game overall. It also introduces a new feature in the series called Ghost Mode, where a shadow runs alongside you in each Act, the shadow being your best run of that Act, just so you know if you’re doing better or worse in that specific course. If you’re up for a challenge, go ahead and play the game (available here on CrazyGames). It will surely not disappoint.

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