Vex 3 Review

Who would have thought that a stickman game would become such a huge hit? Well, why not? You don’t need a pleasing atmosphere or lavishly illustrated details to have a nice and highly satisfying platformer game experience. Yepi’s Vex is absolutely a perfect example of a very simple flash game but surprisingly fun and addictive. It is also very challenging which forces you to play the same stage over and over again until you manage to make it through. Vex is a platformer game series that features a tiny stick figure in a very huge, intense and action packed adventure.

Vex 3 is the newest addition to the series and by far the largest Vex game up to date. Even though the graphics and gameplay remain the same, Vex 3 offers a lot of noticeable improvements and additional features which make it even more enjoying compared to its predecessors. Vex 2 introduced the existence of Stars that are located randomly in each stage or Act. They are often located in secret or hard to reach areas will put your skills to the test. Collecting them is an option but very advantageous. Vex 3 will keep the same thing but the lever and the gravity switching mechanisms were noticeable taken out of the concept. Despite of that, new mechanisms and obstacles will be added in this installment.

The game features 10 standard stages and 9 incredibly hard challenge stages.  On top of that, it will also introduce the recorded ghost runs of your best times. Your main objective here is simple and that is to clear each act by successfully reaching the portal as quick as possible. The score is based on the amount of time you will spend in each level and therefore early completion is very advisable. Unlike the  first two games, the transition from one act to another is absolutely challenging. You are no longer jumping from one block to another but it seems like you are actually exploring a huge level filled with different obstacles, traps and other mechanisms. Some of the newly added  items and mechanisms includes laser cannons, collectible keys, unlockable doors, invisible platforms and more. It also features a lot of underwater scenes and some levels will feature limited visibility which makes it even more challenging. Some levels are extremely difficult and is merely impossible to beat but that’s how we really like it. The more challenging the game is, the more exciting it becomes. Aside from the various achievements, the game also offers a Stage Builder or level editor mode as well. Have fun!

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