Not all incomplete games can be called or considered bad games, and Vampi may be wildly incomplete, it’s still a pretty fun game and should be given a chance for the less than 30 minute gameplay that it offers. Sure it doesn’t take much to finish it, but getting to the end of this game is a good look on what a good quick game should be.

Vampi is about a vampire who had his candies taken. Never should anyone take a vampire’s candy, lest they receive its wrath! The werewolves are everywhere and have all the candies that Vampi has collected for Halloween, and you would have to help him get them all. The game won’t hold your hand and will immediately throw you into the game without a single clue on what to do, so it takes a few minutes before you actually find out how to play and what you need to do. To play the game, you only need your mouse. All you need to do is click on any area at you would like to go to and Vampi will fly or jump over to that area. The game will start you off in a weird looking area with nothing but a few jars. Jumping in a jar will instantly break it and drop any item. Breaking jars will likely get you some of the lost candies. If you see a werewolf on screen, Vampi will automatically go over and kill it once you click the werewolf, and any killed werewolf will drop the candies. The only goal is to kill everything and collect all of the candies.
This game had a lot of potential to become a very good game that might become a classic for those that love these type of games. If this game was completed, this review would be a whole lot different. We just hope that this game comes back at a later time and be polished and finished.

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