Remember the good old days where you invited your friends over for the weekends to sleep over and have some fun with a little Uno? Those were the days when people still had fun outside the house. Now with the computer age, kids won’t even get touched by the sunlight as they game away inside their homes, stuck in front of their TV or monitors. Well, here comes an online edition of Uno to save the day!

Online UNO

Online Uno is a card game based from the real Uno card game. It’s the same game with all the same mechanics and fun (and friend ending frustration when you get +4’d) that the real game offers, but this time, you can play it without taking a single step out of your house. You can play locally via your local network and anyone connected to it or play online against friends and random people. The game starts with the deck being shuffled and each player being given a set of cards – who am I kidding, it’s Uno! Everybody knows this game!

The game is controlled by your mouse. You click on the card that you’d like to use on your turn. You can use a card with the same number or same color as the last card played by the player before you. You keep doing this until one of you runs out of cards. Of course, the fun starts when people start running out of cards. The moment a player is left with one card, someone has to shout UNO! If the player with one card shouts it first, he gets to keep that card alone. If an opponent shouts it first, then the player with one card has to pick up a card from the deck to prolong the game.

Uno is a classic game that children love, and sometimes, even adults. It’s a game about strategy and wit and using everything you’ve got against your opponents. Although this online version of Uno removes the physical factor of the game, it’s still a great game and is now easily accessible to everyone even without leaving your home.

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