Mario is a name that is recognized by everyone that has ever touched a controller to play a game. “Isn’t that the Italian guy that jumps and collects coins?” Yes, that’s the guy. He’s known for games that everyone can just pick up and play because his games are always both for beginners and pros to enjoy. Unfair Mario, though, is a whole different situation, the title itself should let you know what you’re in for, so we hope you’re ready.

Unfair Mario is a re-skinned Mario 3 – so it’s the same game – an action platformer filled with traps and enmies, but 99% of the time, you should be more worried about the traps as they’ll kill you unless you know where they’re placed. Sometimes these traps decides to be unfair and will activate even when you’re not on them (the first floating platform would be a good example of this, the moment you touch it even from the side, you’ll fall and die). The game relies on a lot of memorization if you’d like to beat it. There’s not too many levels, but because of how the game is designed (unfairly), it’ll take a lot of time before each level can be done. The game is controlled entirely by your keyboard’s arrow keys. You’ll press the left and right arrow key to go left and right, while up will make you jump. Once you’ve tried the controls out (and died a few times along the way), you’ll get the hang of things and will start the memorization thing, that is if you’d like to beat it.

Is getting frustrated with a hard game something you’d call a fun time? If it is, then you’ll have a lot of fun with this game. Although the game itself is totally unfair, it’s got its own merits and can still be enjoyed. The satisfaction of finishing a stage in a very unfair game like Unfair Mario is something you’ll never get in any other game, so give it a go and get ready to throw that keyboard out of frustration with Unfair Mario!

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