Turbo Dismount

Knowing how to drive a car is not essential, but it definitely is helpful in today’s world. Cars are immensely useful but also very dangerous means of transportation. Crashes happen all the time, and some of them leave behind drastic consequences. Therefore, drive responsively. However, if you are interested in creating a crash scenario to see what would happen, Turbo Dismount is the game for you. The game is created by Team Secret Exit and can be played on CrazyGames.com.

Turbo Dismount is a 3D crash simulator in which your task is to crash and trash (with a bit of smashing) your vehicle as hard as you can. The bigger the devastation, the more points you’ll get. It’s not all about the cars either. Adrenaline hungry rag doll is mounted on your vehicle in order to provide total crash experience.

There are three scenes to choose from. The Original Classic is a straight road in the middle of nowhere, ready to be crashed on. T-Junction gives you the advantage of speeding up before ramming into the traffic on the main road. Skid Marks is a drag racing track in which you race parallel to another car allowing for some pretty cool high-speed crashes. To add more drama, each scene can be fitted with obstacles, changing the end result of the crash. Obstacles vary, from some classics such as an oil slick or a brick wall, to some pretty cool roadblocks and ramps. Additionally, rag doll position can be altered. For example, it can lie down romantically on the hood while going straight into a wall with over 120 km/h.

With the ability to change the camera angle there is no missing the brutality of a crash. With several vehicles to choose from, Turbo Dismount offers plenty of room to have some old-fashioned brutal fun.

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