Truck Simulator

The Simulator series of games have been on the rise (see our recent games Buggy Simulator and Farming Simulator), and all of them have proven themselves worthy to be at the top of the lists of best browser games around. 3D Truck Simulator is one of the games from the Simulator series, but this time, you get to control different trucks to drive around the city with new goals (since you’re using different vehicles this time).

truck sim

Truck Simulator is a driving game that gives you a lot of trucks to drive around town with, each truck having different missions and goals from each other, depending on their nature. The game controls much like all of the driving Simulator games that came before it, so if you’ve played them, you would be familiar with the controls. You use the keyboard to drive around, specifically, the W key to accelerate, the S key to reverse (also your brake if your vehicle is moving), and the A and D keys to steer left and right. You have your V key to change the camera view and you have the R key to reset your vehicle’s position to the starting point. The big difference with this game from the earlier Simulator games is that you have to buy the other trucks, which is actually an alright feature to give you a better sens of accomplishment. You will have the Ambulance as your initial vehicle, but you will be able to unlock a Mail Truck, a Firetruck, a Cement Mixer, a Garbage Truck, and a lot of other trucks. The game has 2 modes when you star a game, that’s Mission mode and Free mode. Mission mode lets you go through a set number of missions in a particular order, different for each vehicle that you use, while free mode lets you drive around town without having to follow a certain direction, you can just pick up any mission at any time. All missions, if finished, will give you money that you can use to upgrade your vehicles and buy more trucks.

A lot of love has been given to the simulator series of games, and you can see improvements in each game released. 3D Truck Simulator has great mechanics with all new mission mode and free mode, as well as having the vehicles become unlockable instead of available from the start. 3D Truck Simulator is a very good game for those looking for a good driving game, and even more so for those that loves trucks.

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