Trollface Quest Video Game edition

Have you ever been trolled so hard that you wanted to punch someone in the face? Well, if you have, then you should be ready for more trolling in Trollface quest. If the title doesn’t tell you enough about the game, then you might be reading it wrong. Enter an epic quest in different worlds (mostly video game worlds) just to troll all the different people in it (including you).

Trollface Quest Video Game edition

Trollface Quest Video Game is a per-instance puzzle game that lets you play as the trollface guy as he goes through multiple video game universes to troll everyone and everything he encounters. The game plays like a hidden object game, except in this game, you will be looking for anything on the current screen to troll everyone else to finish a level. For example, in the universe of Assassin’s Creed, you will need to anger the Templars by trolling them, and then troll them again by using the classic hide-in-the-haystack trick. Trolled! The controls are very easy to learn since all you will ever need is your mouse. You can move your cursor to any item you want to interact with and use the left mouse button to interact with that item. You can also use a swiping motion by holding the left mouse button on items or parts of the screen and dragging it to whichever direction you need. There will be instances where you’ll need to be a bit familiar with the universe you are in to be able to solve that puzzle, so knowing a lot about other video games will be a clear advantage in this game.

Are you ready to troll and get trolled? Trollface quest is a very fun (as well as funny) game and is worth the time you’ll be investing in it. There’s a few times when it becomes really hard, most especially if you are unfamiliar with the video game universe, but the fun factor is still there. If you want a fun little game you can put down and come back to at any time, this Trollface Quest game is a great game to play.

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