Trollface Quest TV

Being trolled on the internet isn’t really the best feeling, but trolling, on the other hand, can be real funny.
Well, here’s another edition of the game that trolls you, but still comes out to be funny (well, sometimes). Trollface Quest TV is one of the few games in the Trollface Quest series, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to trolling the players! We previously had the Video Games edition, now it’s back for the TV edition!

Trollface Quest TV is a random puzzle game that is really just a random game, but one of the simplest yet really fun games out there. The game is controlled entirely by your mouse. That may sound simple, and yes it is, but what makes this game a complicated puzzle game is you click at random places at random times and a random number of times, depending on the scenario. When you start a game, you are given a scenario with some trollfaced characters and you’ll have to click something on the game to troll one of the characters. The biggest clue to the game is just hovering your mouse cursor over everything. If it’s something that you can interact with, your cursor will change to a hand. Sometimes, there’s going to be more than one thing to click, and you’ll have to click them in the correct order to finish a stage. You will be going through more than 20 levels of trolling through familiar stuff (if you watch a lot of TV, at least).

If you like watching TV and have fun trolling and being trolled with it (Game of Thrones is just one of the many trolled stuff in this game), then Trollface Quest TV is a great game to play. So just grab some popcorn, get your mouse clicking hand ready, and put on the game!

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