Tmnt Advance

The Turtles in a half shell is back and it’s time to bust more crime and eat more pizza! Cowabunga! Take New York back from all the evil villains out to get you just to make sure that no one tries to stop them from their dirty deeds. Take one of the four Ninja Turtles as you go through the metro to beat up everyone in your way as you find out more about the recent crimes that has been happening around town.

TMNT Advance is a beat em up / brawler game that is a tie in to the TMNT movie. You take on the role of one of the four main protagonists of the series, namely Donatello, Raphael, Michael Angelo, and Leonardo, as you go through downtown to find out about a series of crimes that’s been happening lately (reported by another character of the series, April O’Neil). The controls are pretty tight yet pretty simple, making it a very easy game to play. You can control your turtle’s movement by pressing any of the arrow keys, and they will move to the direction of that key. The game plays in a 3D plane so you can move in all directions, unlike the past turtles games that play like a side scroller. You can press the X button on your keyboard to jump and press the Z button to attack. Pressing the direction behind your character along with the attack button will make your character use a back attack, which is good if you are being ganged up on. Pressing the jump and attack button at the same time will let you use a special attack that will be different for each turtle, so best to experiment on them all and find the best one to use on your style of play.
TMNT is a very good show, especially for those who actually watched the series when they were young, and the game is not too bad, either. If you’d like to play a great brawler game while reliving your childhood, then TMNT Advance is a great game to play.

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