The Splitting Chapter 2

There are great games because of their unique gameplay mechanics, there are some that are great because of the very engaging story, and then there’s The Splitting. The Splitting is a game that puts both elements together to make one great game, although the story and setting can be a bit weird (not the bad type of weird, mind you), this a game that will leave you stumped while also making you want to play more.

The Splitting Chapter 2 is the 2nd instalment to The Splitting series of games. The game continues where the first game left off, so if you would like to know more, I highly suggest playing the first game (playing it will make the game easier to understand). Chapter 2 is a mystery adventure / object finding and puzzle solving game that lets you play as the main protagonist of the series, Daniel, who lost his reflection and is trying to find out why he lost it in the first place. In the events of the first game, he finds out that there is a whole different world beyond the mirror and certain events that happen in the other world affects the other. In your journey, you will meet a whole bunch of people in both worlds that will help you out in finding more information about your reflection.
Take on a whole new world in The Splitting Chapter 2 as you are thrown into an unknown place filled with mystery and puzzles that you’ll have to solve to get back your reflection, along with your sanity. If you’ve been looking for a great game with a lot of thinking to do and a very good story to follow, then this game is a great one to start with

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