The Mother of the Birdmen

Being a spelunker is a hard job, and even more so when you are a spelunker with a belief in a god. The Mother of the Birdmen takes you on an adventure in a ruin filled with mystery and magic. Solve the different puzzles, wander through different rooms and see a lot of weird stuff, and all to get the ultimate prize, to see the Mother of all the Birdmen.

The Mother of the Birdmen is a point and click puzzle adventure game that lets you play as a spelunker out to find the Mother of all the Birdmen in one of the lost ruins. She steals all the jewels needed in one museum to be able to awaken the Mother. The game is really weird, and I would say it is not a game for those that are faint of heart. The ruins are filled with mysterious artifacts, aside from the 3 jewels that you already stole. Magic fills the place and it’s up to you to find out what goes where in this epic little point and click adventure. Of course, like in any point and click game, your only controller is your mouse. You point at stuff and click it to interact. There will be items scattered throughout the ruins that you will need to gather and use at different points in the game. Puzzles are everywhere, but in this game, there will be a little handbook just filled with clues that you will need to get by. There will be areas that will be very strange and some will have little surprise, while some with huge surprises.
The Mother of the Birdmen is simply one of the strangest game that I have ever played, which strangely enough, is why I wanted to finish it and see it to the end. I won’t spoil it for you, but all I can say is, this game has its very weird moments, and the ending is really one of them. That’s not to say this is a bad game though. Try it out and find out the secret of the Mother of the Birdmen.

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