The Lost Sloth

Sloth is one of the laziest, if not the most laziest animal on Earth (except teenagers). There is a certain appeal to it, though. Imagine a life full of lazy laying, chewing some herbs, and moving only to go get to a new location with fresh herbs just to do it over and over again for the rest of your life. However, sloth is much more than pure laziness. According to the Animade team, sloth is a whole bunch of things.

According to the developers, The Lost Sloth is an animated web-toy meaning there is no story or actual game play, just a means to enjoy yourself. Using the cursor as an x-ray machine of sorts, your task is to scan one apartment building, as well as the surrounding terrain to find where the lazy sloth hides. Once found, a note shows up with a touching and hilarious proverbs such as “Sloth is love, sloth is life” or “A slothless life is a meaningless life.” Though finding the sloth is the main task, there’s plenty to be seen in the process.
Everything is drawn with shades of blue and pink, while x-ray vision is in grey and black with occasional pink elements adding more contrast to the two worlds. Not unlike real life, you will discover some pretty weird neighbours on your scanning tour. From gift-eating Santa and a giraffe who is watching TV, over some game and cartoon associations to an apartment filled with water like a giant aquarium, you will find some pretty crazy combinations, drawn with great care. Some of my favourites were R2-D2, Totoro and Adventure Time characters.
The sounds change as well, adding even more to the ambient. For example, country plays when you focus on the cowboy, and salsa can be heard near the dancers.

Altogether, The Lost Sloth is a brilliant web-toy, offering simple relaxation and humour allowing the brain to rest for a while.

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