Math is everywhere, and that’s something we’ll have to accept. Even the simplest things in life includes math, and although that’s something not each and every one of us like (hey, I’m bad with math) – it’s a reality. Not everyone likes learning stuff when it’s presented to you as learning, so how about learning Kids Math while it’s presented as a game?

Kids Math is a puzzle game that’s filled with nothing but, of course, simple math. It’s actually an old (semi-famous) mobile game that’s been ported to pc so it can be played using a browser. The game is simple enough, you’ll be shown an equation on the top of the screen and a set of numbers at the bottom. You’ll choose which of the numbers at the bottom you think the correct answer to the equation is. There’s also a time limit, and once that ends, the game is over, but this can be lengthened by getting correct answers (but the time can also be shortened by making incorrect answers). The main goal is to last as long as you can. The game doesn’t have any type of introduction, you’re just thrown in the fray once you start playing. You’ll be eased in with a few simple (very simple) equations at the start, but it’ll get more difficult as you go, so the pressure will build up in time – so keep yourself calm if you’d like to get a good score.

Kids Math is really, as the title says, very simple. It hooks you in because of it’s kind of competitive gameplay. The game is very fun and you can play for hours just because you think you can do better each round. If you’re looking for a quick game that you can pick up and play just as quick as you can leave it, then play Kids Math – it’s a good test of your math skill as well.