So you’re all grown up now and got your own apartment, but the “grown up” part is questionable, and maybe your mom smelled a little trouble so she decided to check your place out. Oops! Your place is such a mess that the Grinch would probably be proud of you. Ready to clean up before your mom gets there? I hope you are!

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Good Impression is a simulator that lets you play as a bachelor who’s got his own pad, but doesn’t know how to clean up after himself. Then your mom suddenly calls and wants to see how well you’re doing – so now you’ll need to clean the place up. The game gives you 3 minutes to make sure everything is in proper order, like used tissues should be in the bin, while clean clothes are in your wardrobe, or dirty ones should be in the washing machine. At first, you’ll scramble through the game to find out where to put what and which ones you actually need to fix, but making mistakes is alright. After 3 minutes, the game will end with your mom giving you advice on how to do better next time – like some things should be at a specific place. You’ll keep doing this until you get a perfect score, which isn’t hard to do using your knowledge, the only thing that might be hard to do is make it through the time limit. You’ll be using your keyboard to play this game, with the W, A, S, and D keys acting as your movement (you can also using the arrow keys) and the X button lets you interact with whatever’s directly in front of you. When you’re holding something, you can also use that item by pressing the interact button. Do it quick before mom gets there!

Good Impression is such a great game and a great concept. It’s relatable and has a difficulty curve that isn’t too bad. It’s fun and can easily hook you in for an hour or so before getting bored. If you’re looking for a good fast paced simulator, then Good impression is the way to go.