The best games that’ll touch you doesn’t have to be triple A or big budget titles. Sometimes, even the smaller games can be clever and fun and touching all at the same time. Synchronicity is a very short but very sweet experience of two different worlds and how you’ll need both the darkness and the light to get through everything.

Synchronicity is a platform game that lets you play as a young girl split into two, one in the darkness, and one in the light. You control both girls at the same time with the same controls, and platforms will be different for each, so you’ll have to plan and time each move to make sure that both of them survives. The goal of the game is to reach the girl in the light to the door at the end of each stage. There will be pits and obstacles along the way to hinder you. If one of the girls falls into a pit, then both of them die, not to worry, though, when you make a blunder, you just restart the level you’re already at. There will be times when it looks like there are no platforms to use, this just means there’s a little white block within the level that you can pick up to reveal a hidden platform.
The game controls entirely using your keyboard. You make both characters move by using the arrow keys, with the up key making them both jump at the same time. You’ll need to time your jumps and make sure that none of them drop to any pits or obstacles.
Synchronicity is such a pleasant experience, albeit short. The game’s concept isn’t an original, but none of the other games have done it better than this game. The anime aesthetics, music, well drawing visuals, and just the way your characters look all make for a great experience. The ending is pretty nice, too, so watch out for that. If you’re out to play a cute game with great gameplay, the Synchronicity is what we’d suggest.

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