Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure

The Internet is brimming with small online games. Some gaming studios even specialize in creating high quality games which keep you occupied from just a few minutes to hours and sometimes even days. One of these studios is Soul Studio. Their newest game is Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure.

It is hard to describe the genre of this game. However, if I were to choose, I’d say the game is an active-combat-adventure-role-playing-game. Set in a fictive land, a short tutorial introduces you to the Arena, a place where combat takes place. First, you have to choose which group of enemies you will fight (once you beat a group, another, stronger appears so in that way it is quite linear). After entering a fight enemies appear, one at a time. Once you have beaten a couple of regular foes a boss appears. By defeating the boss you are awarded with a chest and new group is unlocked. The enemies get stronger rather fast, therefore you have to train your stats.

The game has an experience based levelling system which awards you points which you can spend on your stats, active and passive skills. For some skills certain level is required which is a nice way to keep players involved in the game. Besides passive levelling, player can actively increase a certain stat by playing a mini-game. Each stat has its own mini-game with side-quests which grant extra points.

To keep the pace with the strength of the enemies one must invest in new weaponry and better armour. That can be achieved by spending money in the local shop. There are two ways of acquiring the funds: by defeating groups of foes and by collecting income from the bank. The money can also be invested in the amount you will get at the bank as well as decorating the training room. One can even construct a house, which will in return provide more money in the bank.

All in all, Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure is another brilliant title coming from one of the best small-game studios currently active on the Internet.

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