Super Boxotron 2000

Boxes has always been fun in a lot of different ways, and here at Super Boxotron 2000, boxes are made even more fun because of the addition of guns! Guns and boxes are fun individually, but together, they are a blast! I don’t know why this was never thought of before, but now that it’s here, I don’t think I can ever play a game about boxes without guns anymore.

Super Boxotron 2000 is a top view shooter that is all about you shooting boxes. Really, that’s it. You are put into the shoes of a trooper that needs to destroy boxes using the different guns in your arsenal. Once you have chosen a gun you’d like to use, you walk over to the room where all the boxes are at. Boxes will fall and each box will have a number on it, this number indicates how many times a box needs to be shot to actually destroy it. Each box may contain coins that you can use later to upgrade your weapons or buy better ones. As you go through the boxes, the game becomes harder and harder as the boxes falls faster and more frequently. If a box falls on your head, you die immediately, so you should do your best to avoid the boxes. When a box is about to fall, a little light will show on the exact position the box will fall on as an indicator, so avoid those lights to save your head. There will also be times when spikes will suddenly pop out of the floor and one touch of these spikes will instantly kill you. Whenever you die, you will be brought back to the first room and you will be given the option to buy new upgrades and guns. The shop also opens up while in the box room when you reach a certain number of boxes destroyed (buying in the box room is cheaper, so try your best to survive until the shop opens up in the box room). Shooting the boxes to clear the room is the best way to survive as you can make more room to avoid any obstacles or dropping boxes, so do your best to shoot everything in your way.
Super Boxotron 2000 is very fun and very addicting. The start of each game can be a bit boring as the boxes come in one by one, but as the game progresses, it becomes more exciting as it becomes more difficult. If you’ve been looking for a good game with guns and a simple goal (destroying boxes? Super easy), then Super Boxotron 2000 is a great game to start with, and it’s going to be hard to stop.

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