Strike Force Kitty 3

For anyone who played the past Strike Force Kitty games (e.g. Strike Force Kitty 2), let me tell you now, this is going to be a whole different world to you. It’s actually the same graphics, the same animals to use, and the same “costume based” game, but the gameplay and world is completely different. That’s not to say that this is any less fun now, in fact, it’s become better and faster for those that want more action and more control over your little kittens’ strengths.
Strike Force Kitty 3 is a fighting simulation game that gives you 4 little kittens to train and fight different other animals in a fighting league. There are really no controls you need to learn since everything is controlled by a single click, and during fights, the only thing you can control is skill usage. At first everything might seem confusing and frustrating because you will lose a lot, but all of that will be a thing of the past once you start training your kittens. You can train them in 3 aspects, which are Strength (to do more damage), Vitality (to be able to take more damage), and Speed (to speed up walk speed and skill recovery speed). Also, a new feature has been added to the game which is the hunger bar. Kittens can only train up until the hunger bar is 25%. Once it reaches 25%, they will have to eat to train again. You are given 6 days to train before you fight another team. If your hunger bar is low on fight day, your kittens will have less health during the fight so watch out for that. All fights take place by all of your kittens walking toward the opponent, if you hit an opponent, the cat that got hit will deal and take damage depending on his/her strength (for damage dealt) and Vitality (for damage taken). The team that loses all 4 team members first loses. And that’s pretty much it.
Strike Force Kitty 3 has received a lot of changes from its past games, and all of those changes have made this game so much more fun, but a little bit grind-y. If you want to make it to the top, train as hard as you can and manage your time wisely, and you will be the champion of all the animals in no time!

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