Strike Force Kitty 2

It is common knowledge that cats play with almost anything. In Strike Force Kitty 2 kittens have evolved: unlike your ordinary cat which plays with yarn, these kitties play with weapons while fully dressed up as some of the most powerful movie and gaming icons.

In a classic story of an evil empire invasion (in this case evil Fox empire), four brave kittens and their trainer are sent to liberate the lands from the oppressors. Strike Force Kitty 2 is a platform based game in which the only control you have over the kittens is the jump function. Four protagonists start running at the beginning of the level and do so until they reach an obstacle or a worthy opponent. When the obstacle is reached the kittens change their running direction, therefore some planning is required in order to reach higher parts of the map. On the other side, if an enemy is encountered, a fight is started. You have no influence on the fight as the kittens attack automatically, so sitting back and watching is the best option.

Screenshot from Strike Force Kitty 2 gameplay. Credits:

Deqaf studio, the creators of this cultural masterpiece, show amazing knowledge of the most famous characters from movie, cartoon, anime, comic book and gaming worlds. On your journey you will encounter Terminator, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cowboy Bebop, Magneto, Lara Croft and a whole bunch of other famous characters, each marvelously drawn and recognizable without a doubt. After each successful fight against a costume wearing fox, one part of the set is acquired which means multiple plays of the same level are required to collect all the sets. Each set of clothes gives your kitten special powers such as seeing invisible things or smashing through obstacles. These can then be used to reach parts of levels that were inaccessible before. To keep the furry bunch in good physical condition it is recommended to take them to the gym, where you can train their strength, health or attack speed while the Rocky theme song plays in the background.

Strike Force Kitty 2 is highly entertaining to play, and even more so when you start gathering sets of your favourite characters.

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