Strike Force Heroes

Soldiers are the coolest people around. They save absolute strangers from death as their jobs and they get to wield cool guns to do so. So if you were given the chance to become a soldier, would you take it? Enter Strike Force Heroes, where you control a rag tag band of soldiers / mercenaries that are out to save the world from total evil.

Strike Force Heroes is a third person, side scrolling, shooting game that gives you control over a group of soldiers turned mercenaries that are tasked to keep the world from being conquered by those with evil intentions. The aim of the game is to always annihilate the opposing team on each of your matches. A level will put you on a playing field where you can walk left to right, and jump up and down platforms. You will be given the freedom to run around the battlefield, but of course, you should always watch your back as your opponent will be running around too. You will be given weapons to use so you can fight back. There are plenty of cool guns to pick up to use against anyone trying to shoot you. The controls can easily be learned, and for those familiar with pc shooters, it will be very easy. You can press the A and D buttons on your keyboard to move left and right, respectively. Pressing the W button will ake your character jump, and pressing S will make your character crouch (which coms in useful for hiding behind boxes for cover). The mouse will be used to aim the cursor, and clicking on the left mouse button will make you shoot using your weapon. You will be able to press the number keys to change weapons once you have different weapons available. There will be a time limit on each match, and the team with the most kills at the end of a round will win, but sometimes, there might be a different condition, like getting a certain number of kills before winning.
If you are looking for a fun little shooter with great AI and cool looking weapons, then Strike Force Heroes would be a great choice to start with.

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