Stick Arena Dimensions

Nothing is more fun than playing as a stickman that kills other stickmen using different guns and weapons. NOTHING. If you’ve ever played competitive first person or third person shooters and would really love something new, then open up a browser and load up Stick Arena Dimensions.

This game may look simple, but don’t be fooled, this game is pretty fun, pretty brutal, and pretty hard depending on how good your enemies are. Stick Arena Dimensions lets you play as a stickman and pits you against other stickmen around the world. To move your stickman, you press W, A, S, D, and attacking is simply clicking your left mouse button. Your stickman will face whatever to direction your mouse cursor is currently in, so you can use this to aim. All players are placed in an arena with a bird’s eye view perspective. The arena will be filled with guns and melee weapons that you can use to kill everyone else (but you start with nothing but your fists, and it doesn’t do too much damage so picking up a weapon immediately is a must). Of course, the goal is to keep killing until you get the most kills and be the best stickman murderer. The variety of weapons are pretty fun to experiment with since each and every weapon will have a few pros and cons, like the sledgehammer being extremely slow, but one hit from it will kill anyone in its way.

Stick Arena Dimensions is a pretty good distraction from the repetitive gameplay of some shooters, and can be actually a pretty good alternative if you come to enjoy it. I personally played this game for a few hours, and will be coming back for more!

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