Stealth Hunter 2

The Metal Gear Series of games have been a few of the best games in the history of gaming, so many games have tried to copy that excitement you get during stealth sequences, and in turn, many have failed to capture that sense of stealth. Who would imagine that it would be a flash browser game that would give you the same feeling as playing Metal Gear? Definitely not me! Enter Stealth Hunter 2, a game all around stealth!
Stealth Hunter 2
Stealth Hunter 2 is a stealth game with action elements and a pretty good story (it’d be even better if you played the first game). You play as a spy for your nation and find out why there are illegal shipments coming into the docks. Your mission is to know exactly what the contents are, and why it was being sent under the radar. You’ll have a lot of ways to do this, but your best weapon is your ability to hide in the shadows and silently sneak past guards and surveillance cameras. In the latter parts of the game, you’ll get a weapon to use for those situations where your stealth is not enough.

This game has very smooth controls, although there are times when the directions can get a bit screwed up because of the way the camera is tilted, aside from that, everything else is pretty good. You can control your character by using either the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys (I highly suggest using the arrows keys instead since most of the functions will be below the W, A, S, and D keys so it’s going to be hard to use them if you use those keys). Your space bar is the Action button, which will be your main button in the game, it will open doors, stealth kill enemies, pick up stuff, and open packages. You also have your Z button, which toggles your weapons, and X, which gives you choices between what you would want to use. The C button will also have a few different functions, but will mainly be used to take out your “Snake Cam” through doors so you can take a peek before you enter.

Although this game does have a few setbacks because of the tilted camera and with a bit of a clumsy AI (which is pretty natural given the stealthy nature of the game, they could at least given the AI a bit of a chase function before giving up finding you), this game is still a blast to play and has a pretty good story. If you want to play a Metal Gear game without having to buy a console, then this game is a very good choice.

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