Staggy 2 The Boyscout Slayer

There are people around the world that hate boy scouts, and that’s understandable. Not everyone can really get along with everyone, right? But Staggy, the multi weapon wielding ninja you take control of, takes his hate for boy scouts to a whole, new, bloody, level. And, yes, I do mean murder. Why our little ninja would boy scouts so much? Nobody knows, and in all honesty, I don’t think anyone even really wants to know. Makes killing them a bit easier on the soul.

So again, in Staggy 2 The Boyscout Slayer, you control Staggy, a ninja that can wield a number of weapons designed to kill stuff, but obviously, he’d rather use it on boy scouts. The controls are simple, use the arrow keys to move around the area where the boy scouts will spawn, press the space bar to swing your weapon, and press numbers 1 to 7 to change your weapon. Your primary weapon is a sword, but as you progress through the game and kill more and more boy scouts (that drop money, by the way), you will be able to buy more powerful, and often times brutal, weapons to annihilate those darned boy scouts. You are given 30 seconds each level to kill all of the boy scouts that will spawn, and if any are left within 30 seconds, the spawns stop, and you are given the chance to kill all of the remaining people. As you go further and further, more and more enemies will come at you all at once, and there will be different variations of boy scouts along the way, like some will have bows and arrows, some will also be dressed as ninjas, and a lot more.
If you’re looking for a bit of fun in killing a few people (with a lot of blood and gore, too), Staggy 2 is a good choice. If you hate boy scouts as much as Staggy, you’re sure to have tons of fun, and even if you don’t hate them, I’m pretty sure the game is going to be fun as well.

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