Squeek is a pretty unique game in its own right. It is simple, it is fun, each game is short, yet each game can be a totally different experience. Squeek’s simplistic design and gameplay is its biggest charm, and is really the only thing that will keep you coming back. Squeek is a great game for time killing, like some of the great mobile games.
Squeek is a point and click game where your main goal is to move around the screen and get the highest score possible without dying. You start the game by clicking on the screen. When the game starts, you will see a small gray dot; that is your character. Clicking anywhere on the screen will make your character move, and every time you move, you gain points depending on the distance moved. Easy, right? Well, here comes the tricky part. There will also be red dots moving from one side of the screen to the other. A single touch from these red dots will instantly kill you, thus preventing you from gaining a higher score. As you go on, there will be dots that move faster than normal, some will even just speed through the screen. Make sure to be extra careful, but not too careful as some of the red dots may also go through you if you’re not moving. That’s pretty much it. Get a higher score and gain the bragging rights.
Squeek is a very simple game. It’s not a very long game, and some may even say that there might not be any sense to it. The question is, though, does a game really have to make sense for it to be fun? Does it have to be long to be enjoyed? The answer to both of those questions can be answered by no, and Squeek goes out of its way to show you it’s true.

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