It’s been hard to find a good RPG lately, and most especially ones that don’t really need you to buy an expensive console to play just 3 or 4 games on. Sonny is a solid RPG that uses the old age method of turn based tactical combat, but gives it a bit of a twist. What makes Sonny even better is it has a very good story, and along with using the great tried and tested mechanics, it’s a game you’d really be missing out on if you don’t play it.
Once you choose to start a new game, you will be given a choice between 4 classes, each of which will have different specialties and weaknesses. These classes are the Destroyer, which excels in physical combat and survival, the Guardian, balanced in both physical and magical attacks and has high survivability, the Assassin, able to throw out a huge burst of damage in a few turns but is highly vulnerable because of low health, and the Gunslinger, dishing out magical damage like no one’s business along with a bit of healing spells but has the least health of all. With all of the choices, players are given a few different styles for playing the game.

Once you have chosen your class, Sonny throws you into the game as, well, Sonny, a guy who lost everything, including his memory, and is somehow on board a sinking ship that is filled with soldiers trying to kill everyone. Sonny is helped out by a blind guy, and that’s where Sonny’s adventure as a guy who remembers nothing begins.
The game is pretty much your traditional RPG when it comes to battles. Everything is turn based, and a bit of strategy is required if you really want to survive. Each turn, you can choose to attack an enemy by clicking a target enemy and choosing your attack, or to use defensive skills by clicking your character and choosing any available defensive moves. Defeating enemies will give you experience points, money, and a few items if you’re lucky. Every time a battle ends, you will be taken to a sort of menu where you can choose to either buy equipment to make you stronger, upgrade or reset your stats and skills, train by defeating enemies that are the same level as any enemies in the area, or fight the next enemy to progress the story.

Sonny can take a few hours to beat, but is definitely worth the investment of time. Consoles can cost a lot, but if you already have a computer that works (doesn’t even need to be high spec) and want a good RPG to keep you company, give Sonny a try, you won’t regret it.

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