Slope – A good old game by Rob Kay

Remember when you were a kid and each time you were running down the hill you wished you were able to turn into a giant ball and just roll to the bottom? Then later in life you figure there’s something oddly satisfying with watching any item move down the slope, even more so if the item is round shaped and bouncy. Slope, a game made by Rob Kay (lead designer of Guitar Hero), is all about going downhill.

As the name already says, there is no even ground in this game, only infinite slopes on which you roll a ball. Sounds simple, right? It is far from simple, though. The ball you are in control of by pressing the arrow keys (only left and right) is pulled by gravity and once it gets momentum, there is no stopping it. The ultimate goal of Slope is to keep the ball on the green surface as long as possible without touching the red walls or red obstacles. Levels are based on short segments which are connected by small jumps and each segment counts as one point. Keeping the ball rolling as long as possible leads to a better score as the number of segments passed increases. Some segments have a lot of red obstacles which tests your coordination, whilst others are very narrow and demand precision. Falling from the edge into the abyss will result in game over as will touching anything red.

Slope has 3D design with green lines showing the boundaries of each item therefore giving the game a very inside-of-a-computer retro look.

Altogether, Slope reminds of “the good old” games where there is no ending, just a highscore waiting for you to beat it again.

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