Sky Serpents

You are a the son of one of the greatest Sky Serpent killer the world has ever known, and will probably be the best until the end of time, until you grew up to finally take on the challenge of beating your old man’s record. Will you actually be able to do it or will you succumb to the strength of the great Sky Serpents?

Sky Serpents is an action game that lets you play as the son of the great serpent killer, and you made it your personal mission to best your dad at his own job. Take on the serpents and kill each and every one of them using your trusty knife and sword, along with the skills passed down to you by your dad, of course. The controls are pretty easy to learn, but might take a bit of time before you can master your movement to kill all the serpents. You don’t really need a lot of buttons, as all you will need are your arrow keys and the space bar to destroy the serpents. You use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right, and press the up arrow key to jump. You press the down button to latch on to the serpent using your knife, so however the serpent moves, you’d be stuck to it, even when you are upside down. Pressing the space bar will let you attack using your sword. Serpents will have a certain number of weak spots that you would have to keep attacking with your sword to kill them. You will have a counter on the upper left telling you how many you have destroyed and how many parts there is in total. Destroy all the parts, and you defeat the serpent. Here’s a little tip, latch on nearby a part, then start swinging, if you do this, your character will swing his sword towards the part no matter what direction the part is in.
If you’ve been wanting to play an action game that involves not only skill and speed, but also a very quick reflex and wit, then try out Sky Serpents. The story and gameplay will definitely get you hooked.

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