Okay… What the hell was that? It is a general question you will be asking yourself throughout this game made by Pizzamakesgames.

Skullz is a text adventure game, leading you through most of the story via conversation led between you and your companion Yendor, the talking skull. As fits the genre, your options are listed at the bottom of the screen (GO, LOOK etc.), but bigger part of them are just decorative because there is mainly only one option that will let you go further. In addition to the text, the game has beautiful retro style graphics to help set the mood. Even so, it is a wild ride with no guarantee of understanding any of it.

The game describes itself as a bad trip, which can easily be the best description of what you encounter as you are pulled deeper into the story. You get to travel far and wide (while standing in place), explore the dark parts of cyberspace and even fight the eternal being, with very little to none back story to tell you how you ended up in this mess or why. Because it is mainly linear, the game offers little exploration, and puts you in the position of an observer rather than a player whose decisions matter.

Even though it has a short story and a simple design, Skullz is definitely a trip worth taking, leaving you with a fulfilling experience and a lot of questions about the choices made in real life.

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