Sierra 7

The SWAT teams have always been admired by some civilians due to how they are very organized whenever there is trouble afoot, and it’s usually them that will get a serious criminal problem fixed with their wits and cunning, as well as their courage. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the most organized special forces group, then you are in luck, Sierra 7 will let you experience the thrill of becoming a special force cop, out to take bad guys with just your brains, your quick reflex, and your great arsenal of weapons.

Sierra 7 is an on rails / first person shooting game that lets you control a special forces officer that is out on different missions to clear out the bad guys. The game looks great with wonderful visuals and really smooth animations, as well as great music that give you a thrilling feeling for each level. There’s not much to controlling the game, since you don’t need to walk or control your movement (it’s an on rails, so the character moves itself), and all you are mostly going to do is shoot the enemies that pop up. You use your mouse to aim your weapon on screen, and the left mouse button shoots. You’ll have different weapons that you can change at the start of each mission, and you will be using the Q key to change from your primary to your secondary weapon, and vice versa. The space bar lets you interact with the objects in the environment, like doors and other stuff. Some weapons, like your basic handgun, will have different shooting modes (the handgun will have semi-automatic, which shoots bullets one at a time, and burst fire, which shoots a few bullets at the same time giving it more damage and a bit of a wider range), and you can change modes by pressing the F key. The R key is used to reload your weapon once you run out of bullets. Finally, there will be places where it will be too dark to see, so you will be required to turn on your nightvision goggles, which is done by pressing V.
Sierra 7 is a game that has a lot to offer with its great animations, very good music, as well as pretty good voice acting. If you are looking for a great shooting game, then Sierra 7 is definitely a game that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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