Sentry Knight Conquest

Sentry Knight Conquest is a foul mouthed, brutal, and cool game. I like this type of games. Not because I’m foul mouthed, brutal and cool but… Wait, I think I am… Anyway, Sentry Knight Conquest begins with you getting a map and being asked to kill everyone that tries to kill you. So, you use the WASD and the mouse button to do that. You also need to practice dodging and shooting at the same time. There are waves upon waves of enemies waiting to be decimated by you, or kill you if they’re lucky. And of course, you get to upgrade your weapon and make progress with the story. What? You thought this was just about killing stuff? I’m telling you that is just half the fun you get from this game. You get to take quests and fight bosses. There are also other characters to help you on your journey. Try it now and get addicted to shooting stuff!

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