The roads in kingdoms are always dangerous. It’s never safe for normal people to walk on them unless it’s been cleared. Well, we’ve got heroes to help us out in this regard! Hire heroes to clean the roads and let the innocent people feel the peace again, not without a price (cash), of course.

Road of Heroes is an action / shooter simulator that lets you control a group of mercenary heroes tasked on keeping the roads clear and free from bandits and criminals. You’ll do this by hiring 3 different types of mercenaries. That’s the rogue, the wizard, and the shaman. Each one has different abilities that you’ll be able to utilize and use against every enemy on the road. The rogue will always be throwing knives and is best at using speed and agility to survive as he can wear clothing that increases dodge rate and attack speeds. His range is also very good as he can shoot knives to the end of the screen. The wizard has pretty strong spells in his belt but can only use it from short range. His lightning spells hit more than one enemy so it’s a risk-reward kind of thing. You get closer and you increase the chance of getting hurt, but your damage output bursts through the roof. The shaman shoots a thin energy beam that pierces through everything and will continually damages anything it touches. To control these heroes, you’ll use your mouse cursor. Your heroes will always follow your cursor, so make sure to use that to dodge and aim at your opponents. You’ll have a little circle at the lower right screen that’ll fill up at fixed intervals. That’s your special meter. You can use your special attack by clicking on the left mouse button. You’ll go through a lot of levels with a lot of bandits and enemies. The goal is clear. Clean up the bad guys.

Road of Heroes is one of the coolest action games around the web, and it’d be a shame for anyone that loves games to miss on this one. The variety this game gives is huge so you can play using any style you’d like. Pick up the game and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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