Ring of Fire, a drinking game full of fun

This blog is mostly about video games, more specifically browser games, but yesterday I was playing the drinking game called Ring of Fire (also known as Circle of Death, King’s Game, Kings, …) and I wanted to share it with you.

The setup and gameplay are quite easy. The name of the game probably originates from the setup: you place an empty cup in the middle of the table and spread all 52 cards around it forming a circle (see picture).

Ring of Fire Setup. Credits: drinkinggames.co.uk

The actual game has actions different actions / events / mini-games associated with different cards. Below is a list of an overview of this actions. Every participant draws a card turn by turn. The game ends when someone picks the last (fourth) king!

  • Ace: Waterfall
    All participants have to start drinking when the person to their right starts drinking, starting with the person who picked the card, and can only stop drinking when the person to the right stops drinking.
  • 2 is You
    The person who picked the card can choose someone who has to drink.
  • 3 is Me
    The person who picked the card must drink.
  • 4 is Whore
    All girls have to drink.
  • 5: Thumb Master
    The person who picked the card becomes the “Thumb Master”. Whenever he puts his thumb on the table, everyone has to do the same and the last one to put his thumb on the table has to drink. When someone else picks a five, he or she becomes the Thumb Master.
  • 6 is Dicks
    All guys have to drink.
  • 7 is Heaven
    All participants have to point their finger or hand in the sky. The person who is last has to drink.
  • 8 is Mate
    The person who picked the card chooses someone and they both drink.
  • 9 Bust a Rhyme
    The person who picked the card chooses a word, and the person next to him must rhyme with this word, going around the circle until someone cannot find a word.
  • 10: Categories
    Pick a category (drinks, football teams, car brands, …) and everyone has to give an example of this category. When someone doesn’t know any, he or she drink.
  • Jack: Make a Rule
    The person who picked the card can make up a rule, and every participant has to follow it. Examples are: only drink with your left hand, don’t say first names, don’t use swear words, don’t point, … If someone disobeys, he or she has to drink.
  • Queen of Questions
    The person who picked the card has to ask a question to someone, who has to ask another question to another person, etc… until someone messes up with responding (not allowed!) or not coming up with a new question.
  • King: King’s Cup
    The person who picked the card must pour a little of his drink in the cup in the middle of the table. If it is the last (fourth) king that gets picked, he must drink the whole cup and the game ends!

Have fun playing Ring of Fire, and remember that having too much alcohol is dangerous (the game is also fun with water)!

If you want to check out variations of the game, head over to the wikipedia page.

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