Riddle School 5

4 kids get kidnapped from school, and it’s not the ordinary type of kidnap for ransom money, it’s the type where the fate of the world is in the hands of the kids that got kidnapped type of kidnapping, not a very good look for both the kids and the world.
Riddle School 5
Riddle School 5 is a puzzle / item search game that puts you in the shoes of one of the students of Riddle Elementary school and the main character of the game, Phil Eggtree, who is a very smart, very clever kid, but by some weird incident, is sent to a class for special children. With this incident, he escapes school and this is when everything goes wrong. You suddenly find you and a few of your friends in an alien spaceship and having your dreams extracted to find information on how the aliens can destroy planet Earth. Phil, who you control, will use his wit to escape and save his friends along the way.

The game uses nothing but your mouse and its buttons to play. You pick up and interact with anything that you can pick up or interact with by pressing the left mouse button. Most items lying around can be picked up and used later in different events, so always make sure to keep a sharp eye in every room you are in as you might need items to get to another room. That’s basically it. There will also be a few items that you will need to combine before it becomes useful, you do this by clicking the item on your inventory, then clicking on the other that you’d like to combine. The controls are pretty easy, and what makes the game as difficult as it is are the puzzles laid out in the game. Solving each one will need a certain amount of cleverness, so keep a sharp mind, too.

Riddle School 5 is a great puzzle game that keeps you on your toes at all times. It got me stumped a few times, but nothing a little backtracking through all the rooms can’t fix. It’s a fun game and has a very interesting story (especially if you’ve played all the other 4 games, if not, I suggest you play them).

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