There will be times when you play a game, and it instantly reminds you a game from your past, but then you find out that it may look and feel the same, but it is entirely different and really unique in its own way, so you play the game and have so much fun that you think “this should have been the original game.” That’s how Rainbogeddon feels. It’s a Pacman game, but then, it’s not a Pacman game. And you love it anyway.

Rainbogeddon lets you control a little worm like creature whose goal is to collect all of the pills in each level, and after doing so, the worm can go on to the next level, giving you more pills to collect, a few more enemies to stop you on your way, and a few more powerups to help you out.
As mentioned, each level will have a lot of pills. Collecting these pills is the only way to finish each level. To do so, you will move your worm thing around the map using the arrow keys, each key moving the worm to the arrow’s respective direction. Collecting pills though is not as easy as it sounds. There will be enemies around the map that will try to catch you and stop you from collecting all the pills. A single touch from those enemies will be enough to kill you, so watch out. To help you out though, there will also be different powerups scattered through the level. One of these powerups will be a bomb that can be dropped and will explode after a few seconds; any enemy and wall within the explosion will disappear. There’s a couple more powerups in later levels, but I’ll leave that to you to discover.

Rainbogeddon is pretty simple, especially for those that have played Pacman before. If anything else, this game is more fun than Pacman, with all the powerups and its smart enemy AI, this game does not disappoint.

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