Punch The Trump!

Now that the elections are coming up, there’s going to be a lot of different stuff that will come out to destroy the candidates (like the Trump University scandal!), but in the case of Punch the Trump, you destroy them LITERALLY. Ever wanted to beat the living daylights out of one of the most controversial candidates of 2016? Then take the gloves off and step in the ring with Trump in Punch the Trump.

punch donald trump!

Punch the Trump is a brawler game where you get to punch the heck out of a “fictional character” (as the warning will tell you) that is based off of a real person. If you are ever angry with that real person where the character is based off, then here’s a good game to let off some of that steam. The game’s goal is simple, beat the opponent until his health bar has nothing left then either humiliate him by using a fatality or just leave them there until he finally faints. The controls are also very easy. There are five buttons to press on your keyboard to fight. The Z button lets out a weak left punch, good for jabbing. The X button will let loose a stronger left punch that gives out good damage, but is pretty slow to start and end. The N button is the same as the X button, but this time using the right hand, while the M button is the same as the Z button with the right hand. There are combos that you can discover that will deal out massive damage and can make your life a lot easier. Every time you beat him to death, you will be awarded with belts, and these belts are the game’s currency which you can use to buy items that will make the game even more brutal than it already was! You can buy a machete to chop off his face, or a baseball bat to knock out professionally!

Punch the Trump can be a real fun game and is full of humor, too. Ever needed to blow off your anger to that one guy who hates everyone so much? Then get your butt over to your computer and play Punch the Trump!

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