Ever liked the Harvest Moon type of games where you just farm and make money and farm and make more money? Then hey! Plantera is a great choice of a game to play! It’s all about plans, money, and more plants, and it’s so fun you start to doubt the reason why you’re having fun with this game!

Plantera looks like a cute little farming simulator on the outside, but is a hardcore idle clicker on the inside. It’s a game that is all about plants and harvesting the fruits of all the plans you have created. The game is fairly simple, as with all idle clickers, and starts you off with a little tutorial. You’ll learn that all you will need is your mouse to click on all the stuff that you can interact with (mainly with fruits that you need to collect and the trees that you need to plant from the menu) and a couple of buttons on your keyboard to view the whole map (specifically, A and D). You start out by letting you plant one of the crops that will give you a bit of fruit, which can then be clicked and converted to cash, or can also be left alone for your worker (you have 1 to start with) to pull out of the ground and automatically convert to money. The money you get can be used to buy more crops or bushes so that you can make more money to buy even more crops and bushes, and so on. It’s a game you simply rinse and repeat, but there would be a few challenges as you go along. There will be different hungry animals out to get your crops, and you will have to click them to push them out. As you go on, the animal’s frequency will increase, making you busy with not only clicking your fruits, but also the animals out to get the food you worked so hard for.
If you like both idle clickers and farming simulators, this just might be a game that can pique your interest, and even if you don’t like any of those genres or like them separately, this is still a game to check out as it is fun and challenging at the same time.

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