Papa’s Sushiria

Sushi has been a great part of the international cuisine passed on by the Japanese chefs as one of their greatest gifts to the world. Papa’s Sushiria lets you play as a guy who makes sushi, so it’s your job to make it great and make your customers love it so they come back!

Papa’s Sushiria is a cooking, micro-management game that puts you into the shoes of a person with a debt to Papa because you broke his little statue outside his shop accidentally. He isn’t mad, but he wants you to man the shop while he goes out to buy a new one. Fair enough. The game can be played entirely with just your mouse. You take a customer’s order by clicking their speech bubble, then follow the order to the letter by putting in the correct ingredients and condiments, as well as the correct drinks at the end. The first level of the game is mainly your tutorial so you have a safe haven of play without being pressured for time. As the game goes on, you’ll have more types of customers that would like different types of sushi, new ingredients, and you will be given a bit of pressure because customers might be waiting to get their order taken as you make someone else’s order, so this is where your micro-management skills are put to use. When a day ends, you are given a summary of how you did for that day which is measured by the amount of tips that you get. The more accurate your sushi creation is to their order, the higher the tips you get.
Papa’s Sushiria is a very hard game once you get to the later levels, which can be a good challenge to those looking for a game that needs repetition and memorization, as well as quick reflexes. If you’re tired of the Cake Mania games or games like that, Papa’s sushiria is a great alternative that puts a twist with the micro-management games.

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