The game jam is an awesome place to find budding developers and see their wild minds come to life in the games they make. Here’s one with a concept that isn’t really original, but has  been polished and is created with such love that it’s impossible not to love it.

Grand Theft Pizza is just a simple action / shooter game that lets you play as a guy who goes wild and shoots everyone in sight. The game doesn’t really have too much of the pizza, but is heavy on the action. You’ll start off in a room with nothing much but your guns and the shirt on your back. You’re inside some building and your goal is get to the last room with the boss. Each room will be filled with enemies although some rooms will have health pickups to help you out. You move around using the W, A, S, and D keys and use the mouse cursor to aim your weapon. The left mouse button is used to shoot your gun. Many rooms will have windows, and these windows can be used  to shoot enemies within that room. You’ll use not only your gunning and dodging skills, but also your cunning in making sure you reach the end.

The game is really short, but that’s because the game is actually incomplete, but judging from what we’ve played, this game is going the right direction. It’s a great game already with awesome music, smooth controls, and gameplay that’ll keep you pumped.

Grand Theft Pizza is a game that’ll keep you playing despite it being in German (not that bad even if you don’t understand it, the game is so simple you’ll still know how to play) and it being too short. If you want an action game pumped with adrenaline, give Grand Theft Pizza a go!


Zombies are on the loose, and they’re out to get you. Only you can save yourself against these monstrosities to make sure you survive the night and make money to defend yourself even better. It’s going to be an endless cycle. Will you be able to see the day of light again? is an online multiplayer arena/survival game that lets you play as one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You have nothing left but the shirt on your back and the hammer on your hand. You’ll have to gather materials to make a base for yourself so you survive the zombie onslaught that comes out at night. The game starts you off with a choice, whether to go through the tutorial or just learn the ropes yourself. The tutorial is a wiser choice as it’ll let you know the basics and how to get through the night alive. Only choose not to go through it if you’ve already played the game. The tutorial will teach you the controls which is W, A, S, and D to move your character around, and left mouse button to use your currently equipped item. You’ll chop trees to gain lumber and hammer boulders to get stone. Once you have enough, you’ll build a gold stash which will hold your money. You’ll then build gold mines to get money. Finally, with the money and resources you have, build towers to defend yourself and your stash, and build walls to defend your base. Later on, the tutorial will teach you advanced stuff like upgrades and buying items. The main goal of the game is to survive as many waves as possible while getting as much gold as you can. You’ll see the leaderboards on the top right of the screen. does not let up on the action. Each night is filled with fear as you are swarmed with more and more zombies. Some people might even try to come up and destroy your base, which adds to the already thrilling action of the night. Keep yourself protected by building, defending, and surviving with!

Text Twist

Everyone should always respect the classics. Not only because they’re old, but because they’re the reason we have great games today. Also, some of those classics have aged well and are still such great games. One good example is Text Twist. This has been around for decades, and it’s still making its rounds in households everywhere as such a fun and family friendly game.Text Twist

Text Twist is a word puzzle game that gives you a set number of letters that you should form words with. The goal of each set (which we will now call a “level”) is for you to figure out the longest word you can form using all the letters given to you. The moment you spell the longest word, you’ll be able to move on to the next set of letters. You can either do that or stay on the current level and continue to get all of the other words that you can form. The latter will net you a better score. Some people just like moving on to the next level and trying to get as far as they can, while some try to get a good score. You can play any style that you’d like.
The browser version has two modes available, namely, Timed mode and Untimed mode. Both of which are great modes that complement the different ways that people may like to play. For Timed mode, you are given 2 minutes for each level to find the longest word available. Once you find the word, you can stay on the level until the 2 minutes is up or skip to the next level to change the letters and refresh the timer. The goal is to get to the highest level you can. With Untimed, you’re just there to figure out the word and try to get all the words available in a given level.
Text Twist is a classic and is one of the pioneers in simple PC gaming. This game should not be overlooked. The game allows for different playstyles so anyone can just pick it up and play.


The best games that’ll touch you doesn’t have to be triple A or big budget titles. Sometimes, even the smaller games can be clever and fun and touching all at the same time. Synchronicity is a very short but very sweet experience of two different worlds and how you’ll need both the darkness and the light to get through everything.

Synchronicity is a platform game that lets you play as a young girl split into two, one in the darkness, and one in the light. You control both girls at the same time with the same controls, and platforms will be different for each, so you’ll have to plan and time each move to make sure that both of them survives. The goal of the game is to reach the girl in the light to the door at the end of each stage. There will be pits and obstacles along the way to hinder you. If one of the girls falls into a pit, then both of them die, not to worry, though, when you make a blunder, you just restart the level you’re already at. There will be times when it looks like there are no platforms to use, this just means there’s a little white block within the level that you can pick up to reveal a hidden platform.
The game controls entirely using your keyboard. You make both characters move by using the arrow keys, with the up key making them both jump at the same time. You’ll need to time your jumps and make sure that none of them drop to any pits or obstacles.
Synchronicity is such a pleasant experience, albeit short. The game’s concept isn’t an original, but none of the other games have done it better than this game. The anime aesthetics, music, well drawing visuals, and just the way your characters look all make for a great experience. The ending is pretty nice, too, so watch out for that. If you’re out to play a cute game with great gameplay, the Synchronicity is what we’d suggest.

Don’t Escape 2

This is the 2nd game in the Don’t Escape series, and you’ve barely made it out alive of the first game. The world has been infested by zombies and the head count of people alive is slowly going down. Your friend Bill has been bitten and it’s only a matter of time before he kicks the bucket. But he’s still you’re friend and you take him to a nearby hiding spot to try and survive.

Don’t Escape 2 is a point and click survival game by the same maker as the Deep Sleep games that lets you play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. You’re currently in a good and safe position but need supplies fast if you want to survive the night along with your friend Bill. You’ll be using your mouse to pick up objects around the world to help you create a safe place for you to rest. You can hover over any item that seems to be useful and you can click it to either pick it up or interact with it. All items that have been picked up can be used by bringing your mouse cursor to the top-left of the screen and clicking on the item you’d like to use. The cursor will change to that item and you can click on the screen to use it. Along the way you’ll find some survivors that can help you speed some tasks up, so watch out for that. Also, some items can be used only once so you’ll also have to choose on where to use them and when (huge example is a canister of gas that you can either use for a car that will lower your travel time or use it on a generator on your hideout so you have electricity). You have a set amount of time before night falls so you’d also have to put that into consideration. Time moves as you travel around so keep that in mind. The game has a few different endings that’ll come up depending on some of your choices, which includes keeping Bill alive or ending his misery early.

Don’t Escape 2 is a well thought out game and has been executed very well. Everything falls into place perfectly and each choice is a heavy one to make, luckily, you can keep playing until you get all the endings, if you’d like (we certainly did). Believe us when we say that this game won’t disappoint, so go and play it, and play the first game while you’re at it!

The Deepest Sleep

What’s inside a lucid dream and how does it happen exactly? These were the thoughts of the curious mind of Bert so he created a world in his mind that’ll let him explore a dream, only to find that his dream world is more of a night of a nightmare than a sweet dream.

The Deepest Sleep

The Deepest Sleep is a horror / thriller point and click game that puts you in the shoes of a researcher trying to escape the dream world he put himself in. He was trapped in there by the Shadow People (it’s a trilogy of games and this is the last part) but now creatures even more dangerous than the Shadow People lurks in the dark dream world that you’ve created so escape might not be as easy as just waking up.
The game can be played and controlled entirely by your mouse. You’ll have to use your cursor to point and click on objects of interest to pick them up. Once you have the item in your inventory, you’ll be able to use it by hovering your mouse at the top of the screen and clicking on that item. You can then click on anywhere on the screen to use the item (specifically on the spot you’d like to use the item on). The only obstacles you’ll see in the game are locked doors which can be opened by solving the puzzles around it. You’ll keep opening doors until you get to the end.

The Deepest Sleep is a game we highly recommend, especially if you played the first 2 games (available here and here) and discussed here and here as this is the finale. The story is very good and the execution is superb. This is one of the creepiest experiences I’ve ever had with a game, and it’s an experience I’m willing to go through again just because it’s such a great game! Little warning at the beginning of the game, though, be ready for a jump scare.

Deeper Sleep

Ever felt like you can control the dream that you’re currently in? That’s called lucid dreaming. It’s where you’re aware that you are currently dreaming and you are in complete control of the dream, bending reality as you will it. What happens when it turns out that there’s a dark side to every lucid dream? Well, better find out with Deeper Sleep.

Deeper Sleep is the point and click adventure sequel to the very well received Deep Sleep. It’s a horror game that explains the mysteries of the first game and all about the creatures that lurk in the dream world, the Shadow People. They were the people trying to get you in the first game. If you ever saw things as scary as them, regular people would probably never go back, but our good old scientist, for the sake of science, dared to come back. His curiosity once again got the better of him and has now been pulled back by the Shadow People, this time, as revenge for what you did in the first game. Get ready to run for your life!

The game is played the same way as all of the available point and click adventures on PC. You use your mouse cursor to find anything you can interact with on the screen. When hovering over it, you can press the left mouse button to interact with it, examples are picking up items or opening doors. You can also combine any items you’ve picked up so that you can use it in specific situations that need them. You can do this by hovering at the top left of the screen then clicking on the item you need to use or combine. The cursor will be changed to that item and you can click on the area you’ll use it on in the screen. If combining, while the cursor is the item you need to combine, go to your inventory again and click on the item you’ll be combining with.

Will you be able to escape the dream world a second time and live to let the world know about your research, or will you be taken in by the Shadow People and be stuck in the dream world forever? It’s a race against the clock, and your survival is at stake. Make sure to play with the lights on if you scare easily. Deeper Sleep is a masterpiece that shouldn’t be missed.

Deep Sleep

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon not known to all, but to those who know it, they know that it’s something that can get addicting. It’s a whole different world where you’re in control and can change anything and bend anything to your will. It’s no wonder people wants to know more about it. Deep Sleep lets you explore lucid dreaming, all the good and the bad about it, unfortunately.

Deep Sleep is a point and click adventure game that lets you play as a scientist whose curiosity got the better of him. Lucid dreams is a mysterious event and is something that might be beneficial for some people, so in the name of science, he tries to replicate it and eventually succeeds, only to find out that it’s not all butterflies and rainbows on the other side. Take control of the scientist by using your mouse cursor to point at different objects and clicking them with the left mouse button to interact with them. You can also point at the end of one of the 4 sides of the screen to walk around (usually it’ll just be one side at a time, but you’ll know when you can move since the cursor will turn into a hand). You can pick up items that might be useful later like keys. Some items will need to be combined with other items to be used. You can do this by hovering your cursor at the top left of your screen to show your inventory, and then clicking on the item you want to use. Your cursor will be replaced with the item you clicked and you should be able to click on the place you want to use it on. If you’re combining, when your cursor changes to the item you want to combine, just hover over to your inventory again and click on the item you want to combine with. You’ll keep doing this until you escape the grip of your lucid dream gone bad.
Deep Sleep is a bit of a scary experience and is filled with horror at every corner. You should do nothing but your best to escape this nightmare of a lucid dream. Will you live to tell the tale about it or will you be forever lost to the dream world?

Pixel Warfare

There’s an abundance of Minecraft based games around, but one of the more popular ones is Pixel Warfare. Take arms and go up against the opposing team as you try to survive the harsh empty world. Although the game doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of the story, it makes up for it in its great multiplayer experience.
Pixel Warfare Game
Pixel Warfare is a first person shooter based from the game Minecraft. The look and feel is taken directly from Minecraft, but the gameplay is fully different. In Minecraft, you collect stuff and craft items to survive, in Pixel Warfare, you shoot people and kill them to survive. The game controls the same as any FPS on computers (as well as the same controls as Minecraft). The W key will make you walk forward and the S key makes you walk back. The A and D key will make you strafe left and right, respectively. The space bar will make you jump. The number keys on top of your keyboard is used to cycle through your weapons (the keys bound to a weapon can be seen on top of the screen). The mouse cursor is used to aim your weapon and the left mouse button is used to fire with your current weapon (you’ll stab people if you’re equipped with the knife). The right mouse button is used to aim down your sights which gives you better aim but sacrifices your movement speed. You can always press the Tab key to view your scores. The goal is to get a better score than the opposing team when the time runs out (just like any other FPS games).
It’s always fun playing FPS games, but when you combine the Minecraft graphics, it becomes a cute little shooter where you run around killing block shaped people instead of regular looking people, so it becomes a bit more fun looking. Try out Pixel Warfare and all of its quirks (a lot of people playing online, too!). You can also check out my reviews of the most recent versions of the game (4 and 5).


You know a game is destined to greatness when the devs release a beta of the game and lets people play it with it being incomplete. This is to make sure that the dev can get feedback and find out what they did right and what else they can do to make it better. That’s IsoPlat right now, a beta game with the framework and concept laid down, but needs a bit of polish and help from the players.

IsoPlat is a platfomer with action RPG elements where you play the role of a guy who wants to be the great hero that will save an island inhabited by monsters. The game, as mentioned, is still in its beta stages and is really a barebones game. There are no textures yet, and all models are just dummies without any faces. In any case, you control the game by using both your mouse and keyboard. You move around using the W, A, S, and D keys and use the E key to interact with things or people (there’re only a few things you can actually interact with for now). The mouse cursor is used to move the camera around. The left mouse button uses your melee attack while the right mouse button casts a flame spell that shoots forward. The game is also completely compatible with gamepads, so if you have one, give it a try. Even in its early stages, the game already has quests that you can undertake, but because the game is incomplete, not all of them would be possible to do. Some of the hindrances includes the physics of the game, jumps are clunky and there are some spaces where you can get stuck pretty easily. Your attacks are too weak while the enemies are all too strong. Although you do get stronger by levelling up, the balancing is still a bit lacking.

Even with all its imperfections, IsoPlat is already looking like a good game. With the right additions and polish, this game can become a masterpiece as the concept of the game is already good and the animations are done very well. We’re all excited to see this game become better, so play it and give the devs your feedback!