Slicing a few pieces of pie dough has never been so satisfying nor has it ever been so mind bendingly hard! Ojello is a game that makes you think before you slice with its weird puzzle mechanic as well as a very simple premise. Finding a puzzle game that makes you play easily but needs you to think deeply? You’re on the right game review, then!


Ojello is a puzzle game that gives you a very simple instruction. Cut the dough that has a few beads in it to make sure that each piece of the dough you cut has a bead each. Here’s the catch, though. You will have a limited number of slices you can use to solve the puzzle. There will be times where you’ll be given a few pieces of dough to work with, as opposed to only one, so this adds a bit of difficulty to the game. It will become harder and harder as the levels go on, but you will also have a bit of help via the hints the game will give you if you ask for one, but the hints are limited, so use them sparingly. Once you have finished a few levels, you’ll get a good feel of how the game really works (because many of the levels will give you like trick puzzles).

If you need a puzzle game that you can play for more than a few hours before you can actually reach the end, then Ojello is a good game. The difficulty quickly becomes more evident as you go along the way, and it’s part of the games real charm.

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