Offroader v5

Driving simulators can have a lot of different looks and feels depending on how the developer wanted you to play, or on their idea of fun. For Offroader V5, I feel like everything is weird and off and most of the times does not make sense, but that doesn’t really mean that this is a bad game with no direction at all, in fact, it’s just part of the charm of this game.

Offroader V5 is a driving simulator that lets go of all those racing mechanics that you usually get for driving games that have come out in the past decade or two, but offroader V5 takes that away and just gives you the freedom to drive around a huge area with nothing but you, your car, and the road. You have more than 4 vehicles at your disposal that you can switch around with (using a simple press of the E key on your keyboard) and they will be different from each other, some will be your regular race cars, some will be trucks, and some will be vans that can be driven and changed to at any time during the game. Although the game has no goals or missions, it’s a great game to waste time with and a very fun distraction. Each car gives a different feel and a different way of driving, so using all of them around the track is super fun (the sedans suck on dirt, while the trucks are very fun on dirt).
Offroader V5 is a different experience, and although not many people may like the “no real objective” part of the game, it is still a fun game that must be given a try if you like driving games, as taking on the role of a driver for different cars is a unique style that not too many games will ever offer

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