Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Dogs and cats will always be mortal enemies, but it doesn’t get any crazier that Mutant Fighting Cup 2! This game is all about fighting using your super evolved pets against some other person’s super evolved (sometimes creepy looking) pets. Evolve your pets with different skill sets that make them stronger, harder, and faster then take them
out to the arena and test their skills against over 20 other mutants that are out to test their own skills!

The game

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is a turn based fighting game that involves you, the trainer, and a mutant pet that you own. The game’s premise is simple. You own a pet that you can mutate with different genes giving it different abilities, like having more strength, becoming harder with more defense, adding a healing ability, and a whole lot more. You pit your mutated monster of a pet with other pets that have mutations as well and beat the living daylights out of them. Once you beat a mutant, you gain one or two of their genes to add to your gene pool and you can use it to mutate your pet even further. The game goes pretty smoothly. First, you are given the choice of what pet you’d like, either a dog or a cat. Second, you are sent to the gene screen where you can choose 3 from your current gene pool to add o your pet (you can get more slots for mutation as you progress). You mutate your pet with the genes selected, and it’s fight time! The controls are also very simple. You use nothing but your mouse to choose everything, including in the fights. During a fight, you will be given a choice from three random actions that you can use. They will have different effects, and these effects are affected by the genes you’ve chosen. The basic actions are attack (there are different types of attacks with different results), defend, and heal. The goal is to become the world’s best mutant trainer, so beating the other mutants will come in very handy. Good luck!
Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is an easy game to learn and isn’t really hard to master. It’s a game where the best strategy can be different depending on the situation and your style of play, giving it a wide variety of options and replayablity. It you’ve been looking for a fighting game simulator that involves pets gnawing and scratching each other, then this game is for you.

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