Monkey GO Happy: North Pole

Monkeys solving puzzles? Charming. Monkeys solving puzzles while wearing Christmas hats? Interesting. Monkeys solving puzzles wearing Christmas hats while helping Santa save Christmas? Amazing! Choose your monkey and go bananas in Monkey GO Happy North Pole, a new point-and-click adventure game in the Monkey GO Happy series from Pencilkids.

The classical point-and-click principle is used in this fun adventure game, making you collect, combine and use items to solve a variety of puzzles scattered all around the North Pole. Before playing, you get to choose between several monkeys to play with: grandpa monkey, grandma monkey, papa monkey, mama monkey, two monkey kids or a baby monkey. In addition, you can customise your favourite banana eating mammal with a Christmas hat.

During this adventure, you get to meet a few recognizable characters: a melting snowman, a hungry penguin, an old fisherman, a few elves and of course the one-and-only Santa! Although they don’t say much (or rather nothing at all), they will help you on your quest to get Santa going on time and save Christmas in an orderly fashion.

Although charming, this game is incredibly short. It can easily be finished within 10 minutes, and when finished, it doesn’t leave you wanting for more. The only hint of story is written in the start menu and leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions.

Altogether, Monkey GO Happy North Pole is a fun and interesting, albeit really short, point-and-click adventure game. Great for introducing kids to the point-and-click genre, or for skilled gamers looking to relax for ten minutes.

Click here to play Monkey GO Happy North Pole!

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